Finding comfortable custom couches for larger bodies

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Finding comfortable custom couches for larger bodies

16 December 2015
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If you and your family are very large (either in height or body size) you might find that standard couches are just not as comfy as they should be. Here are some things to think about when you commission your custom couches from furniture stores.

Chair height

If you are very tall, you may find that the overall distance to many modern couches ends up being an uncomfortable squat for people of your height. You might like to adjust this up to a more natural seated height, reflecting the height of your legs at a comfortable, natural seated position. Try a few different chair heights to work out the most comfortable height.

Couch/seat width

If your family is heavier that average, you might like to consider getting a couch with wider and thicker than average cushions so you can easily sit beside each other on the couch. It's also worth estimating how heavy a full couch load of people might be, as the couch maker might need to reinforce the springs or frame to provide a more secure seated experience.

If you have some tall people in your family who like to lay, or perhaps sleep, on the couch it's also worth planning the length of the couch overall to create a comfortable sprawling position.

Sizes of visitors

When contemplating how large you want your couches to be, you might want to think about whether everyone who visits is larger than average or if you just have a single bigger person in your group. It could make sense to have a larger recliner and normal size couches in that case. Of course it's much easier for small people to fit on large couches than vice versa, so it can pay to err towards larger couches for maximum comfort.

Size up your accessories

If you are spending the extra time, effort and money anyway, it makes sense to spend a little on accessories. Make sure you have a spare supersized couch cover at hand it case something gets spilled on your new couch, so you can still use the couch. Also why not buy some comfy extra large couch throws and cushions to maximise the comfort factor?

Getting a custom made couch set for your larger-than-average family is a great move. It means you can snuggle together comfortably and start sharing time watching movies and playing games as a family unit.

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