The Ultimate Aussie Barbeque Food Shopping List

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The Ultimate Aussie Barbeque Food Shopping List

14 January 2016
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If you're planning a barbeque, you've come to the right place. Looking for quick, simple food ideas that will satisfy your guests? Here are some easy-to-prepare barbeque options that will spice up any garden party. Print this off and take it with you the next time you head to the supermarket.


The ultimate BBQ treat. Burgers are delicious when cooked in the oven but they're even tastier when you heat 'em on the barbeque. Fresh beef patties sizzle gently on the grill -- all you need to do is flip! Combine your barbeque beefburgers with pineapples, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese or bacon. The options are endless. Perfect for a weekend afternoon snack with friends and family, this is how you cook burgers the Australian way.

Grilled corn cobs

If you're looking for healthy food options, sweet corn is the way to go. Each serving only has 74 calories and a gram of fat — perfect if you're watching your waistline. If you're not worried about the calories, you can customise your cobs with butter or maple syrup. 

Marinated lamb skewers

Marinate lamb skewers in ginger and garlic and then heat them on the barbeque. Full of protein, lamb skewers won't take more than fifteen minutes to cook. Serve with a fresh green salad for a delicious, nutritious snack you can enjoy all year-round. Or pile some skewers onto a plate with a dollop of mint sauce. Cooking marinated lamb on a Weber barbeque is simple. Their gas grills come with Flavorizer bars that vaporise marinades, a process that adds extra flavour. 

Sticky belly pork 

This dish is full of flavour and makes a worthy addition to any barbeque. Braise the pork in the oven before cooking it on the barbeque until it turns lightly charred and crispy. Marinate in honey and ginger first if you want your pork to be extra sticky. 

Fish tacos

Cubed white fish grills nicely on the barbeque and makes a great alternative to meat dishes. White fish is a healthy, low-fat option rich in vitamins and protein. For something a little more stodgy, serve with corn tortillas and salsa sauce. 

Chicken drumsticks

This perennial BBQ fave is a lot easier to prepare than you think. Marinate your chicken drumsticks in honey or soy sauce overnight before roasting for half-an-hour. If you're feeling creative, soak your drumsticks in a homemade barbeque sauce with onions, garlic, vinegar and tomatoes. Next, throw the chicken onto the barbie and lightly char until they end up nice and crispy. Delicious! 

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