Key Reasons to Clean and Maintain Vacation Cabin Mattresses Regularly

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Key Reasons to Clean and Maintain Vacation Cabin Mattresses Regularly

30 April 2021
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Running a vacation cabin is not as easy as most prospective proprietors want to think. You must know what to do to make the business a success. While some vacation cabin owners continue to make mistakes and lose business, others are running successful ventures. Therefore, what is the difference between failure and success in the industry? Well, a significant part of it falls on cabin maintenance, particularly the bedrooms. Notably, mattress cleanliness is pivotal in this line of business, and it does not mean changing the sheets now and then. Here are key reasons why you need to keep your hospitality mattresses clean and in impeccable condition.

Promote the Image of Your Cabin

Image is everything when running a vacation cabin. Therefore, you must ensure that your bedrooms reflect a clean image, and the only way to do that is to maintain and clean your mattresses. It is especially the case in the hospitality segment, where several bad reviews can see you running out of business. Therefore, even if you buy high-quality mattresses, you must maintain and clean them regularly. If you do not, you will watch as other vacation cabins in your area attract travellers while yours sits empty.

Guest Satisfaction 

Today, there is a growing trend among travellers to book vacation homes instead of hotels. Only vacation cabins can provide the home-away-from-home experience that travellers are looking for. While there are various ways to offer the experience, comfort tramps them all. The reason is that guests want to sleep in a cozy and clean bed after a whole day of fun or work. Therefore, if guests feel like your mattresses are not clean, the chances are high that they will cut their vacation and demand a refund. Why would they want to sleep on dirty mattresses if they can find a cabin with clean beddings at the same price? The bottom line is that a squeaky-clean mattress promotes guest satisfaction, which is good for business.


High-quality mattresses translate into handsome profits for a cabin business. However, the truth is that the best hospitality mattresses in the market do not come cheap. Moreover, travellers will not book your cabin if they know that all your bedrooms have poor quality mattresses. That said, it makes no sense to buy expensive mattresses if you are going to clean them occasionally. The reason is that doing so is not cost-effective since poorly maintained mattresses damage quickly. Thus, you will be forced to replace them regularly, which is expensive for your business. Regular and proper cleaning allows hospitality mattresses to last longer. It is a cost-effective approach since it eliminates the need for replacements, saving you money that you can use to improve other areas of your cabin business.

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