Useful Tips for Using a Lift Chair Correctly

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Useful Tips for Using a Lift Chair Correctly

20 September 2021
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Lift chairs might look like the ordinary recliner chairs you commonly see in living rooms. However, these chairs are quite different since they are considered essential pieces of medical equipment for people with limited mobility. Perhaps the biggest difference between lift chairs and recliners is that the former has a mechanism that pushes and lifts the entire chair from its base, making it easy for users to sit and stand without extra support. That said, most people do not know how to use a lift chair properly and may complain of unmet comfort needs. This article highlights proper ways to use a lift chair for enhanced comfort.

Let the chair Lift All the Way

When operating a lift chair, some users do not let it reach its maximum lift point. Unfortunately, it only increases the risk of falls. The reason is that sitting on a lift chair as it continues to rise can make one lose their balance and fall, particularly for persons with limited mobility. In fact, you have very little time and room to adjust your sitting position. Therefore, it is recommended that you wait until the chair reaches its maximum lifting point before you sit. This way, you can adjust your sitting position comfortably without the risk of falling.

Lean Back Into Chair When Sitting

Once a lift chair has reached its maximum point, lean back to ensure your back rests on the backrest. Unfortunately, most users lean forward, leaving only their seats in contact with the chair. However, it forces your back to jerk back when the chair nears the sitting position, which can exacerbate back injuries. To prevent this, lean all the way back so that your seat and back rest on the chair's backrest and the seat, respectively. Doing so allows for a more comfortable transition from standing to sitting.

Abide by Recommended Weight Recommendations

The couch in your home can accommodate virtually a person of any size. However, a lift chair is not your ordinary piece of furniture. Therefore, letting every visitor is not a good idea. That's because lift chairs are not one-size-fits-all pieces of furniture and can only accommodate weights based on the manufacturer's capacity recommendations. Generally, lift chair weight capacities range from 325 lbs (147kg), 375 lbs. (170 kg) and 500 lbs. (226 kg) or greater. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that persons using your lift chair are within the manufacturer's recommended weight range. Even if you want your grandchildren to sit on your lap while in the chair, ensure the total weight does not exceed weight recommendations.

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